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The solar plasma loop is many times the size of Earth. 1.3 million Earths fit into the Sun. The Sun is huge. The solar energy reaching the Earth is 5000 times the energy we use globally. We reached 150 GW solar global PV demand in 2014. Some countries increased their solar capacity 5000-16000 times in 22 years.

Solar energy can power the whole planet many times over thru solar windows, walls, roofs, roads, car paint, solar-electric cars-planes-ships-trains and battery storage. This would eliminate arsenic, mercury, sulfur and other forms of pollution and increase life expectancy by many years. Here are some recent exciting solar power-electric car news:

Cost Of Solar Has Dropped An Amazing 99% Since 1977, Bringing Solar Power To Grid Parity in many areas. More than half the present global solar PV capacity was installed in the last 3 years. 74% of new US electrical capacity came from solar in the first quarter of 2014.

Solar power sells now at 5c/kwh cheaper than 7c for natural gas and 10 cents for coal in many places as shown by this latest Sun Edison contract for 150MW.

January 2014 Nissan Leaf electric car sales went up 118% compared to 2013 in the US. In Norway Leaf sales doubled too. The Nissan LEAF set a new monthly sales record in May 2014 in the US, at 3117, making it the clear leader, well ahead of the Tesla. 

Japan launched $1 billion program to support battery storage for solar panels. solar is the best one time investment you can make. www.freecleansolar.com is probably one of the cheapest ways anyone in USA can install solar panels. 

$2/watt plus install and $500 in permits etc. They are where little guys buy their panels at wholesale. They connect you with local installers who do it all if you don't like installs. It costs now only 13k to buy and install a 5kw system. Plus you get 30% back as tax credit. It costs 10k if you choose a local electrician, as they charge 2000 not 5000 as the professional dolar installers for installing it. 10k means 7k after tax credit. That means for 7k you can eliminate 50000 in electricity costs over next 40 years. To me this is a perfect deal. Utilities limit your system to 5kw or so depending on how much you use. If you go to solarcity or others you end up paying 50-80% more. Panels on the roof make your house easier to sell. You can google "cheapest solar installers in your country" and take a step towards saving money and the environment.

Solar is way better than coal, oil or natural gas which spew 100-1000 times more carcinogens in the environment per unit of energy produced, besides far more CO2. How long does a solar panel system have to operate to recover the energy used for making the panel? Energy payback for rooftop panels is 1-4 years depending on type. Assuming a life of 30 years for a panel, that means that most energy produced will be free from pollution of any sort. 


There are many perfect examples in our recent history which undoubtedly show that dictatorial regimes impose subjection, blackmail, servitude, intimidation, abuse, persecution and execution upon innocent people. However, many Americans are strongly convinced and assuredly assert that such a thing could never happen in the United States. But is this just desirous reasoning? Or, is there something essentially disparate about the United States that makes it resistant to the despotic abuse that has afflicted every other considerable empire in history? The primary step in scrutinizing the assertion that it can't happen here is to recognize and describe what "IT" is. Many people have distorted, almost comic-book-type, impression of dictatorship. In the real world autocracy has always crept in under the pretence of safeguarding the nation, defending the people, and establishing law and order. A dictator, in order to acquire and hold power, must demand the support of the people. An effective oppressor cannot publicly display malevolence and desire for power but must design his approach so as to persuade the people that his goals are righteous, that he wants honesty and fairness to abound, and that the most desirable way to make that true is to give him or her dominance and authority. Tyrannical governments develop by abusing people's fears - economic uncertainty, crime, foreign aggressors and so on and persuading the people that the quick-fix is for a political leader to be legally given absolute jurisdiction so he can shield the people from the wickedness of the world. This is always the pattern out of which autocracy is born. No matter how cruel or bloodthirsty regime becomes those in charge will persist to claim noble intentions and will dictate that an extreme government powers are required to protect the people and to create justice and order. Every time mankind has taken a step away from democracy and towards autocracy it was done in the name of defending the country and the people.



Superpower is a power that has no rivals, which can wield its influence at will, which can impose its own policies, its own agenda, it can go wherever it wants to go, and not worry about the consequences. United States is that superpower... or at least it used to be. The United States emerged from the cinders of World War II with its industrial base still intact and the only country with the atomic bomb. It was without question the most powerful nation on Earth. What was done with this unprecedented power, and the effects it had on the republic and the rest of the world is the story of this documentary. President Truman said, "The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know." Why is United States the only remaining superpower? Immediately after WWII the United States began influencing and intervening in foreign governments to an extent and manner unparalleled in history. The National Security Act of 1947 fundamentally changed and reorganised the United States military establishments. It created the National Security Council, and has since been used as the pretext for the extra-constitutional powers in the name of national security. In the time of fear during the Cold War the National Security Act also created the CIA as an Intelligence Gathering Agency but almost immediately the CIA expanded into a Clandestine Operations Agency.

Interventions abroad built up the US political, economic and military strength by seeking control over world resources and access to raw materials, markets and labour power in third world countries. Interventions in foreign governments became common practice. Claimed to be for reasons of national security these interventions were often solely for the benefit of multinational corporations. Eisenhauer's 1961 farewell address warned Americans to safeguard their liberties but apparently that speech didn't have any significant effect on the American people... except it's quoted in almost every documentary.



History of Internet

While some concepts of the Internet date back to the 1950s, the public-facing World Wide Web traces its history back 25 years.

Here is a timeline:

March 12, 1989: British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee circulates his “informational management proposal” at the European organization CERN, laying the foundation for the World Wide Web. He releases the code to the public on Christmas Day 1990.

1993: Mosaic, the browser credited with popularizing the Web with an intuitive interface, is developed by a team led by Marc Andreessen at the University of Illinois. Mosaic is the basis for the commercial browser Netscape in 1994.

1994: China gets first Internet connection, but filters content.

The White House launches its website, www.whitehouse.gov; some users who enter a .com address end up at a porn site.

Launches include “David and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web,” the forerunner to Yahoo, and Amazon.com.

1995: Microsoft releases Internet Explorer, touching off a “browser war” which eventually will kill off Netscape.

The online auction site eBay is launched.

1996: Finland’s Nokia launches first mobile phone with Internet connectivity.

1998: Google begins operations, quickly growing into the leading search engine.

The US government hands over control of the Web domain system to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a private entity.

2000: The Internet virus ILOVEYOU infects millions of computers around the world, causing billions of dollars in damage and highlighting the need for online security.

Internet fever drives the tech-dominated Nasdaq composite index to a record high of 5,048, ahead of the bursting of the dot-com bubble, eroding more than 75 percent of the Nasdaq value by 2002. The index fails to reach 5,000 over the next 14 years.

2001: Napster, a wildly popular music-swapping service, is ordered shuttered by the US courts in a key ruling on online copyrights.

2002: A denial of service knocks out eight of 13 root servers that allow for Internet connections.

2005: The number of people connected to the Internet tops one billion.

2007: Estonia conducts the first online parliamentary election.

2012: Online commerce for 2012 tops $1 trillion, according to private surveys.

The social network Facebook reaches one billion members; A NASA probe checks in on Foursquare from Mars.

A global telecom treaty is signed by 89 UN member states, with some countries claiming the US has too much control of the Internet. The United States and 55 other countries reject the document, saying it could lead to government regulation of the Internet.

2013: Some 2.7 billion people worldwide are connected to the Internet, around 40 per cent of the world’s population. Chinese overtakes English as the dominant language.


Our emotions are like waves of water whose kinetic energy must be expelled in order for the water to return to its natural, placid state. That being said, if we don’t engage in self-care activities of some sort, then we are leaving the “kinetic energy” of our “emotional waves” inside of us; which can lead to that “stressed out”, agitated feeling we are all familiar with. For some people, it can get worse and cause anxiety or several other negative emotional states. In the end, not taking care of our stress can impair our ability to function in even the simplest of tasks.

Deliberate self-care activities are critical to reducing the likelihood that our negative emotional states do not worsen and lead to unhealthy coping rituals (i.e. drinking, drug abuse, etc.). Making an overt effort to care for one’s emotional health improves work performance, mood, and overall physical health. By defining a self-care activity, we can incorporate it into our daily routines and begin to not see the self-care as a waste of time and view it as a healthy reward that worth looking forward to.


Charity increases one’s wealth.

One of the most important areas of prosperity that people have not yet been extremely and precisely clear about, is in the subject of giving. If one is to become as rich as one possibly wants and hopes to be, one must get their idea right in the area of giving. Wrong ideas, half truths and misleading deviations from the path are what cause people to have trouble moving forwards in achieving greater prosperity and success in their lives. A lot is destroyed or failed to create because of lack of precise knowledge in this area. It is time to set things straight in every way in regard to the subject of Zakah/Sadakah for prosperity.

Although the the Noble Quran says the more a person gives, the more they receive, it doesn't mean they should be foolishly giving a greater portion of what they have that they cannot practically or even comfortably afford to. Allah doesn't want a person to be strained or stressed in their giving. Do not give reluctantly or grudgingly, but give the amount that we can give cheerful, if not don’t give such an amount, because it is too much. And yes there is such thing as giving too much of what we have, and that is not good. Because Allah wants us to spend, save and invest our money as well.

Always look to the Divine guidance (Islamic Shariah) of doing things to prosper and succeed, and not take other people’s special cases and make a big deal out of it. This is what causes a lot of people to go away in the way of Allah and end up doing foolish things that result in loss because they are not following Allah’s will or purpose. Everything spiritual should be done in a proper way according to the system and probabilities set out by Allah. Evil spirits want to mislead us into thinking we are following the right source, when actually they are just messing with us.

A financial plan of spending to increase one’s quality of life, saving, and investing. Giving is only a portion of His plan. One needs to spend money to increase their quality of life in order to be in a better position to do more good and make more money. And one needs to save and invest money in money making deals or activity that can further increase one’s wealth. 


Everyone has certain unique capabilities. But they also share many other things with everyone else. Our special gift is where we vary greatly from other people, but when it comes to everything else, our variance would be low. If we insist on doing everything ourselve, we would end up with far less time to spend on our unique talents. A person’s unique talents is what makes the person wise.

Intelligent people look at themselves honestly and see what it is that they most enjoy and what it is that they are a whole lot better at than most other people. They may also be good at a whole lot of other things, maybe slightly better than most people. But what is important is what they are best at, not just good or even great, but best. It is also what they really enjoy and cannot stop doing. What matters is what they are far better at doing than anyone else and what they enjoy best.

We are all here to do something that Allah sent us here to do. We are not meant to do everything because we do not have the time to. We need help from other people in other areas of our lives that are not our main work. We can ask Allah to bless us with the right people and the right opportunities, so that we can focus more of our time doing our main work, instead of spending time doing other things and looking for opportunities in other areas.


Love is an energy in the form of emotion and it is literally the Life Force of a person. Energy must not be wasted. Energy must be used wisely and as efficiently as possible. Energy must be used in circulation, only then it can multiply and have more to give or use.

We should give to where our giving would do the most good so that it would flourish. We should give to someone or some place that contributes to growth or happiness. Give to where we receive spiritual nourishment from. Give to people who deserves.

Every proper action of love is an exchange. According to the law of exchange, there is sowing and there is reaping. Allah expect us to give without receiving in return. Giving without expectation of receiving is true charity. Loving others without loving self depletes us. All actions of love and giving will put us in a position of increased abundance, so that we have even more to give.


The Heirs of Genghis Khan

Eight hundred years ago the man called Temujin, better known as Genghis Khan, the king of the universe, managed to create the largest empire ever known in the history of humanity. It all began in the year 1190 when Genghis Khan managed to put together different nomadic tribes of Mongolia in a single powerful army of 200,000 men.

This and his undoubted military genius enabled him to conquer vast territories stretching from the Pacific to the heart of Europe, and from Northern Siberia to India, Iran, and Turkey. His army was relatively small, highly disciplined, extremely well coordinated, and with innovative military skill and great mobility it was organized in basic formations of 10,000 warriors on horses. The Mongol hordes lived out in the field and their battle tactics consisted of surprise attacks charging at the enemy flanks and rear guard, before launching heavy cavalry assault.

After the Genghis Khan era, series of civil wars threw the country into confusion, until in 1578 Buddhism was established as the form of government. Two centuries later Mongolians came under Chinese control, until 1924, when with the creation of the Soviet bloc the country converted to communism and became a satellite of the USSR. With the arrival of the Russians, Mongolia underwent rapid changes, modernising and industrialising... buildings, bridges, roads, railway lines, factories, and schools were constructed and the nomads looked on it with astonishment as virtually overnight their country was transformed from a primitive society to the progress of the 20th century.

Ulan Bator became the new cosmopolitan capital of this renewed country, designed in accordance with the cold and impersonal urban planning standards of the Soviets. But with the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 and the consequent disintegration of the Soviet bloc, the Russians left as just as quickly as they had arrived and overnight Mongolia was completely paralyzed, suffering political and economic collapse from which it still hasn't fully recovered. Since then, the city has rapidly deteriorated and its inhabitants struggled to survive as best they can.



Past is a Guidance to the Future 




1. Who started the first world war? 
2. Who started the 2nd world war? 
3. Who killed over 20 million Aborigines in Australia? 
4. Who killed 50-110 million Native Americans? 
5. Who abducted over 200 millions of Native Africans and 88% of them died and drowned in the ocean?
6. Who develop nuclear weapon in history and used it on civilians? 
7. who plotted the Rwandan genocide and executed it? 
8. who was Hitler? 
9. Who was Joseph Starlin? 

If a Christian kills is just a crime but if a Muslim defends himself and his property, he is a terroris! Why the Double standard?


American living in Morocco, that's why she sings well in Arabic with Berber influence. Masha'Allah she embraces the faith of Islam. 





Please take a moment to pause and consider why it is that we are here on Earth? Is it to spend our entire lives working to pay the interest on the national debt? Or to line the pockets of criminal politicians, bankers? Or to acquire as many as trinkets and toys as possible? Does anyone honestly believe s/he who dies with the most wins? Are we here to run on a proverbial hamster wheel? If this is the reason we are here then why are the most pleasurable things in life are almost free?

Some people would have us believe that our purpose in life is to work, multiply and die, or to just entertain our five senses, and of course to pay our taxes. This is hardly a reason for incarnating on Earth. We are incarnated here for a greater purpose. We are here to worship the One who created us, and the truth is, Islam is the answer to all the elements that plague our society.



We Can Improve our Vision to Beyond Normal Sight

I work from home, spending 10 hours a day daily in front of a PC, but during the day light hours, I look many times out a window beside my PC, and this window over looks at a meadow, with wild animals grazing, and beyond this meadow are trees, rolling hills, then mountains, in the years I have lived this way, my eye sight is at normal 20/20! Looking up close, then far away is best eye exercises!

Did you know that many commercial airlines and even the Air Force have programs to train pilots to develop super-normal sight? Olympic athletes, including the US volleyball and field hockey teams frequently work to improve their sight to beyond normal. Some athletes who are known to have trained their eyes to see better, include tennis champion Virginia Wade, and Val Skinner the professional golfer. The police have regular vision improvement training. Do you think that if it wasn’t possible to improve your vision, that all these people would bother with it. I don’t think so!! This stuff works! You will get your sight back.

Changes over weeks and months are difficult to notice until they reach certain thresholds. I don’t want you to get discouraged, because you think something isn’t changing on a daily basis. The body doesn’t work like that. Some days are better than others, and some days, you may feel to be going backwards. Don’t rely on your memory. It’s very easy to forget how bad your sight was, and not notice the improvement. You would be surprised at how quickly you adjust to better eyesight and forget what poor vision was like. Some people improve without even realising they have improved!

Sometimes you just look up and “Oh my God I can see!” This is usually accompanied by a deep sense of peace, comfort, relief and relaxation in your eyes. 

Involuntary clear flashes can last from a few seconds to minutes or even hours. This is your natural vision, and as you progress, it will happen more and more frequently and last for longer and longer, until eventually, it just becomes your natural state. During a clear flash you will notice that black is very black. Memorize it. Also, detail is phenomenal as central fixation is taking place. There is also a strong sense of 3D, as your eyes are now working perfectly as a team. Voluntary Control After having many involuntary clear flashes, some people learn that by relaxing in a particular way, and playing with some of the muscles in their eyes, they can “bring on” a clear flash. Again this is very useful when you need to see in a hurry and you don’t have your glasses handy!

Eccentric vision may also be triggered by threats to our emotions or perceived threats. Sometimes when we want to block out bad experiences or annoying, hurtful people, we “look away” from them to avoid facing them head on. It will take some time, but it is important to teach yourself to deal with unpleasant situations head on and in the most relaxed way possible. When you examine a situation with a head on approach, your concentration becomes stronger and you are able to reassess the situation and find that what you fear is not what is really happen.

Use your eyes wisely. Why waste time and energy dwelling on things that can’t always be changed? By focusing on the negative, boring, or frustrating things in life, you are harming your vision because your eyes don’t want to see that stuff. Instead, focus on the positive things that make you happy and bring joy to your life. This is what your eyes were made for, to look at the things that mean the most to you. Once your eyes find the joy in seeing things, they will begin to relax and take in the scenery. Once the eyes are relaxed and begin to feel safe from danger, the fovea central is will turn back on bringing your focus back to the center of the eye. Getting the center focus back will help to eliminate many of the other visual problems and ailments you might have had.

When you suffer from mental strain, it keeps you from listening in a relaxed way and you may not be able to handle the truth. This ‘hearing what you want’ can cause stress and strain on the system. Your eyes will not be able to see without straining. You may only see the things you want to see and ignore the rest, or “turn a blind eye”.

It takes more than just not straining to perfect your vision; you must relax and enjoy the sights around you. Allow your eyes to move around naturally, blinking now and then, to get them in the habit of working more naturally. Your eyes work best when they are moving around; your eyes will be at their best when they can freely and quickly move over things. Just as your mind needs to shuffle quickly through thoughts, your eyes need to be able to shift quickly over objects in order to see well. Your eyes will burn and hurt the longer they are keep stagnate. Learning to edge, trace, scan, and shift quickly over and around objects, will help improve your vision almost immediately.

The muscles of your eyes change the shape of your eye, and the shape of your eye lens, so that whatever you are looking at, gets focused in the right place on the retina. If the muscles are not working properly, the image is focused in the wrong place and appears fuzzy! Yes, that lacks a little finesse, as far as explanations go, but it gives you the basic idea! Now, if it is your eye muscles that allow you to see clearly, then it follows that ‘out of shape’ eye muscles are going to cause poor vision. Because of the lack of movement and usage, the blood doesn’t circulate as it needs to, and the muscles are deprived of nutrition. Basically, nothing in the living world remains the same, it is either growing or it is dying. This is where we get the expression ‘use it or 

lose it’!! The eyes’ tiny muscles are no exception. If they are not exercised and used to their full capabilities, they will begin to atrophy. In other words, if you are not working on improving your vision, it is going to get worse! When your eye muscles get weaker, they aren’t able to pull the eye, and the lens of the eye, into the right shapes to focus your vision correctly. When your eye muscles are too weak to be able to focus the eyeball on a close object, 

you end up with Myopia [nearsightedness). When it’s a distant object you can’t focus on, you get Presbyopia (farsightedness).

When you begin to do your eye exercises, you will start to bring your eye muscles back into shape. Imagine that when you are doing your 15 minute exercise session, you are sending your eye muscles to the gym to ‘pump some iron’! Just like a body builder, who can build a stronger and leaner body than the average person, by spending enough time, regularly doing the RIGHT exercises, you can also develop your eye muscles way beyond the average person. You can create ‘super-vision’. Eye muscles can be strengthened to see telescopically. What others’ can see with binoculars, a person with ‘telescopic vision’ can see with the naked eye. You can also develop ‘microscopic vision’ where you can see very small things, close up, very clearly.”

Heal Your Eyesight with the Power of Palming

Palming is definitely one of the most important exercises you can do to improve your vision. Actually, palming isn't really an exercise, it’s more of a non-exercise! I’ll explain. Palming was re-discovered by William H. Bates, M.D. in the early 1900’s. Before this, the ancient Indian Yogis and Chinese Taoist practised eye palming techniques for thousands of years. They “palmed” their eyes as a form of meditation or inner visualization and relaxation. Very basically, Palming is simply the act of gently ‘cupping’ both palms over the eyes, blocking out as much light as possible.

Palming is one of the most important methods for relaxing eye muscles and eye nerves. When the eye muscles get stressed or strained, lazy, and bent out of shape, so does the eye. This also affects the lenses in your eye, and your vision. Any body builder, professional athlete, coach or physical therapist will tell you, that one of the most important aspects of muscle conditioning, is relaxation. When the muscles relax, they begin to function as they are supposed to, at peak performance.

But what does this mean to you? Simple… more relaxed eyes = better vision!

The experts say that ‘too much outward gazing at all the ‘exciting’ and fast-moving things in the world, upsets the inner balance of our ‘spiritual third eye’. The physical eyes and brain become clouded, confused and agitated, like a muddy stream. Palming calms the mind, emotions, spirit and body. This allows the inner and outer eyes take on the qualities of a clear, tranquil and peaceful pool of water. When your mind and emotions are tranquil, your eyes can focus on the outer world with clarity and insight.’

In addition to this calming effect, many believe that during palming, healing energy passes through the palms of your hands into your eyes. If you’re a sensitive person, and you relax and concentrate a little, you’ll actually be able to feel this happening, and you can even magnify the effect by using your intent or imagination. You’ll find you can ‘pull’ energy from your hands with your eyes, or you can intentionally send healing energy from your hands into your eyes. Sometimes, this energy feels warm and soothing, sometimes it feels a little cool and prickly, sometimes it feels expansive and magnetic!


Tips and Techniques to improve your Palming Effectiveness: Rub your hands together. Before you start your palming, rub your hands together for 10-20 seconds very vigorously. This is a technique used by energy healer bring healing energy into the hands, which you can then pass into the eyes. If you don’t believe in ‘healing energy, then just see it as getting some heat into the hands, which feels nice on the eyes and helps them relax more. You can make this even more effective, by using your intention and imagination to send healing energy to your hands when you rub them together.et into the habit of palming many times during the day, whenever you have a few spare moments. Unlike some of the eye exercises you aren't going to overdo it. You can palm for hours each day if you really want, it won’t harm your eyes, it will only help them.

Calm the mind, emotions, spirit and body. This allows the inner and outer eyes to take on the qualities of a clear, tranquil and peaceful pool of water. What your mind and emotions are tranquil, your eyes can focus on the outer world with clarity and insight. Cultivate the power to remember and visualize perfect black. It enables you to see the letters much black on a page thus making them sharper and easier to read. Your subconscious memory of perfect blackness carried in your mind when your eyes are open, will give you a high degree of mental and visual clarity and strength. Thus your vision can be improved immediately, if your memory and mental image of perfect blackness is visualized and retained. The ‘darker’ the black you can ‘see’, the quicker your eyesight improvement!

The eyes use one third as much oxygen as the heart. Breathe calmly through the nose and imagine the eyes are inhaling and exhaling the air. Imagine health, vitality and healing and relaxation flow into your eyes with every breath. Perfect vision is your natural vision. Think to yourself “I can see clearly now!


A Filipino Muslim calls for adhan in Saudi -SubhanAllah

A Filipino Muslim has taken the Saudi capital by storm after a video of his call to worship was shared on social media networks earlier this week.

The Imam of Hamza bin Muttalib mosque in Al-Uraija district, west of Riyadh allowed the Filipino to call for prayers.

Local newspapers reported that worshippers from the neighborhood flocked to the mosque in large numbers after hearing the Adhan. The beautiful rendering of the Adhan sounded very similar to the one recited by Sheikh Mohammed Mulla, the famous muezzin of the Grand Mosque in Makkah. The worhsippers were even more surprised to see that the owner of the melodious voice was a Filipino.

The imam of the mosque invited journalists to listen to the Muslim expat's amazing call to worship.


Let us leave 2013, with all its struggles and its joys and memories, and let us fully enter a new year, setting our sights further, charting the course for our highest selves and contributions. Should we wish to change, let us be bold once again.

Yes, let us be brave and find a vision so big and unimaginable that the mere thought of it brings sweat to our palms, stuns our heart with anxiety, yet never fails to lift our soul with purpose. Under no circumstances shall we settle on challenges that fail to inspire; let them be so real and meaningful to us that we rise each day and pursue them with full intensity, until we have victory.

Let us be more disciplined and true, each day taking action, testing things out, failing, getting up again, failing again, learning, rising and rising and rising ever more. This is the stuff of commitment and character, that demands real contribution.

Let us have vision now to break the boundaries of all that we have ever known, lift above our own competencies and insecurities, take flight fuelled only by courage and love, soar high in our service to humanity.

Let us remember and draw inspiration from "Work for this world as if we will live forever, but work for our next life as if tomorrow we die. In other words, do not neglect the externals of our worldly needs, all the while keeping in mind our end and final resting place".


To Reflect, Act and Think about it.

The difference between the poor and rich nations is not the age of the Nation. This can be demonstrated by countries like India and Egypt, which are more than 2000 years old and are still poor countries. On the other hand, Arabian Gulf countries around 90 years back were insignificant, today are developing and rich countries. The difference between the poor and rich nation does not also depend on the available natural resources.

Japan has limited territory, 80% mountainous, unsuitable for agriculture or farming, but is the second in worlds economy. The country is like an immense floating factory, importing raw material from the whole world and exporting manufactured products. Switzerland, it does not grow cocoa but produces the best chocolates in the world. In her small territory she rears animals and cultivates the land only for four month in a year, nevertheless manufactures the best milk products. A small country which is an image of security which has made it the strongest banks.

Officials from rich countries who interact with their counterparts from poor countries show no significant intellectual differences. The racial or colour factors also do not evince importance: migrants heavy in laziness in their country of origin are forcefully productive in rich countries.

What then is the difference?

The difference is the attitude of the people, moulded for many years by education and culture. When we analyse the conduct of the people from the rich and developed countries, it is observed that a majority abide by the following principles of life: Morals and Ethics as basic principles. Integrity. 

Responsibility. Respect for Law and order. Multi Culture tolerance. The love for work. The effort to save and invest. The will to be productive. Punctuality.

In the poor countries a small minority follow these basic principles in their daily life. We are not poor because we lack natural resources or because nature was cruel towards us. We are poor because we lack attitude. We lack the will to follow and teach these principles of working of rich and developed societies. 



If we do not share this message nothing is going to happen. Our prized possessions will not vanish, we wont be sacked from our job, we wont be having bad luck for seven years, nor are we going to get sick. But, if you love your COUNTRY, Try and circulate this message so that as many people can reflect on this and CHANGE. Think about it.


The Next Stage of Human Evolution and Technology

“Evolution works through indirection: It creates a capability and then uses that capability to evolve to the next stage. The computer and internet has been created. So there is no need to create them again. The next stage is in building upon these technologies. This is why this is the information age. Internet marketing is the way to go. This is also the reason why the companies that have risen next are Google and Facebook. Google works in search and organizing of information. Facebook is more than just an online friend connection network unlike previously defunct social networks. It is a social network that makes it easier and more interactive for people to share information with each other. All of these companies are involved in information technology and information marketing. What makes information technology different from books is that information can be altered and updated instantly, can be accessed more easily, and interacted with in so many ways that books cannot offer. Companies and businesses that work with information technology and information marketing are riding the next stage of human evolution. The rapid synthesis and spreading of information will eventually increase human awareness and intelligence to the point where we can mentally manipulate time, space, matter and reality with greater capability and success.

The most advanced field of human knowledge is in the area of mind power. Companies that deal with Mind Power and Internet Marketing are involved in the most advanced field of all. All throughout human history, the most advanced of human knowledge has been kept hidden from the masses, and passed along mostly by 
mouth to ear, and through secret books. Such knowledge was known as the occult. The occult means “concealed”. But what is concealed will be revealed. The Bible says in the Book of Daniel that in the end times “Knowledge shall run to and fro”. This is only possible through the invention of the computer and the internet. With the internet, there is no longer any more barrier to knowledge, and anyone can access information from anywhere in the world and share their ideas to the whole world. Humanity is now in the end times and at the final stage of human evolution. We are at omega point. We are at the brink of becoming gods.

In the past, the most advanced civilization was Atlantis. They were destroyed in a cataclysmic event called Noah’s Flood. Why is there so little information recorded about Atlantis technology? It is because their technology was developed to a point where they were able to store all their information in the etheric level of reality. It is one level up in the nonphysical planes of existence. Another name for it is hyperspace. Our current human civilization is also progressing towards the state that Atlantis once attained. Our data storage has evolved from the floppy disk, to the compact disc, to the thumb drive, and now it is all in the cloud. Information storage is not entirely nonphysical yet since the virtual world is still run on actual physical machines. One day our physical devices will be replaced by holograms and we only need to carry around holographic emitters. Then further on we can even do away with the physical holographic emitters entirely and work with information by bridging physical and nonphysical reality directly with our minds.”


How to Steal and Get Rich

“Good Artists Copy. Great Artists Steal.” - Picasso

Telescope. Galileo stole the telescope. He took the original invention by Hans Lippershey, made it a bit longer and more powerful and gets full credit 400 years later for the invention.

Telephone. Who invented the telephone? Well, Alexander Graham Bell of course? But only after the looked at the failed patent Antonio Meucci filed in 1874 (Meucci was too poor to send in the $10 patent charge. So…patent denied. Enter Bell).

Relativity. Einstein stole part of the theory of relativity from Poincare. Poincare published countless papers on relativity that Einstein had studied before his own first book on relativity. Einstein cited hundreds of sources but didn't mention Poincare once. Do the research but there are several instances of direct plagiarism in his initial book on relativity.

“I don’t want to copy. I want to do something completely original.” But that’s impossible. Just about every idea worked on now is a result of the following recursive formula:

NI(X) = NI(1) + NI(2 )+ NI(3)… + MI

Where “NI” = “new idea” and NI1, NI2, etc equals various new ideas as of yesterday. And “MI” which could be a tiny component of the whole equation, is “My improvement”. Which, again, might be minimal at best.


As you go through life your mind fills up with junk, which can not only be the junk we recognise as bad such as limiting self-beliefs, or the wrong assumptions we have made thanks to our misunderstanding of the results we received. Also junk can be truths that you hold on to that you ‘believe’ to be true because experts tell you it is. Yet years later you find that all the things you did because of those wrong assumptions were all built on sand and it turns out the world isn't flat, but it’s round. Almost everyone right up until the point of discovery thought the world was flat; they ‘believed’ it was flat, however, Columbus 'knew' it was round. 

As we know, all this junk build-up causes your mind problems. You do various things to relieve the build-up to ‘try’ and restart, such as sleep, exercise, meditate, argue, etc. However, there is no reset button. These quick fixes are at best only a temporary bandage on the wound and have only relieved the core excess of junk. They haven’t gotten down to the real problem. You see our bodies are mainly self-healing, however, our minds don’t work in the same way, they can do, they just need the correct input together with regularity. Effectively our minds need to be maintained in a similar way to our body needing food and water. We can't expect to eat once and for all as our mind is not static and is either fed daily a diet of structured thoughts, or it is fed chaotically by accident instead. You cannot eat or drink once and for all, and a system for structured thinking requires a little maintenance to remain intact Or it gets sick and your life becomes messy.

Though maintenance isn't the problem yet. The real problem though isn't the build up of junk, the real problem is an invisible one. It's that when all this junk is in your mind, it bounces around in there, knocking into other junk and connecting with pieces of it and forming complete rubbish in the process! In the end all these bits of junk have grown into their own rubbish programs which make your mind run slower and slower. So these isolated bits of junk have now formed into bugs and viruses, and what makes matters worse is they have now become invisible to you. The junk you could have removed, as you placed it there, and therefore when you did the same thing again you would have noticed it when you got a different result. However, these bugs are now in and buried deep in your mind, created by your mind and designed to be invisible. As they are invisible you have no idea they are there. You know there’s something wrong, that you are doing something wrong, but you don’t know what it is. Maybe you have wondered many times why you cannot attain success at something; you spend your life trying one thing after another. You see a few people making a success but the vast, vast majority of people never get anywhere. 

They and you don’t get anywhere because your minds are full of invisible bugs. Huge obstacles, which give you the appearance of you being stuck! But in truth are forcing you to just repeat the same mistakes again, and again throughout your entire life. These bugs are like a computer virus, they are a pollution to the way you think and they nurture the chaotic thinking which is the biggest problem humanity has. They are the reason all of the businesses you have tried to start end up failing, or limping through. They are the reason why your relationships fail or struggle. They are the reason why, when you buy a training course which you know works for others, it still fails for you. They and the lack of a structured thinking system are the reason why your life is not as you would like it. Your frustration grows, however, the reason for it and everything else you have ever tried failing is very simple. You are installing good software onto a computer which is infected with viruses. Your mind is full of bugs and nothing will work until you clear those first. It’s the magical missing piece, the REAL reason why.

Have you yet realised for yourself that despite you reading various books and getting smarter each year, that each year you go a little further backwards financially or you just seem to not quite get anywhere at all? Each year you feel you have taken a load of steps forward, but you FEEL like you are actually further away now than you were years ago? Have you yet reached the point of wondering IF all of this education and Personal Development stuff you do is actually helping you? Have you found that each year you just get more frustrated. Until finally at some point you know you'll reach the point of saying something like, ‘Well I’ve been trying for years and I guess I am just not successful, or ever meant to be successful.’ So how close are you to resigning yourself to the fact that 'you can’t do it' and so instead you'll decide to do something you dislike and keep quiet rather than find and do something you love. So instead you live a life of quiet desperation by accepting mediocrity. BUT... You know there’s an answer, you know you are close to it, but you just can’t find out what it is. The answer is your mind is full of bugs and they are hindering you each and every step along the way. Unless you remove them then NOTHING you do, no new software will work, because you are installing good software onto a bad machine. But what if you could just hit the reset switch and clear out all the junk? That would help, that’s why people meditate and exercise etc. But you’ll find that this only removes most of the junk. It doesn’t remove the bugs and the viruses, as they are invisible and part of you so you cannot fix it if you don’t know it is broken. What's more your mind is like a tank of water, you cannot sort out part of the pollution by pouring in clean water. You have to clean the whole tank out at once or the pollution will spread to whatever clean water goes in, this is one of the main reasons why self-help books don't work as I will explain shortly. They are only cleaning some of the water in the tank... As soon as it's cleaned it's poured back into to a polluted system. So can you imagine for a second just how powerful it would be to be able to restart your computer? To be able to clear out all of the junk all the pollution, to have had an expert go in and remove all of your viruses, all of your bugs. Then you switch your mind on and it’s there, silent and ready to do whatever you ‘want’ it to… All of the software is still on there, all of the good stuff remains without any of the bad stuff. Your mind is clear, free to do whatever you wish.

Now with this CLEAR mind you decide to load new software say learning to 'How To Trade' Stocks and Shares for example. But it could be anything you want it to be... As with a CLEAR mind and a structured way of thinking then you can DO anything. As you are Trading you see a bug forming (a 'poor' or irrational thought). Now because you have in place a structured way of thinking which amongst other things is effectively like the most awesome antivirus software on Earth. It identifies the bug a mile off and just rids it from the start without effort. So the new 'How To Trade' software is able to just go in and work unhindered. It just works, it does its job. Before, the new software failed to start but now your mind has 'no bugs' and no 'chaotic thinking' getting in the way. Now you are clear to think and whatever you choose to install into your life will now work.

Well can you imagine how powerful that would be? Instead of everything you touched failing, everything you touch now turns to gold. How would that make you feel? Little old you can now make anything work! Everything you do works, everything you touch turns to gold, you can do anything you desire… how would that feel? But that’s not realistic right?… Back to the real world where your mind is full of bugs and has no structured thinking system. But if only there as a way to restart your mind, to clear out the bugs and install some anti-bug software. What could you do with a mind like that? What would you do with a mind like that? Well, what if there really was a way to reset your mind?

Far too magical I agree, but what if… what if you could? Let’s just say for a second that I could have found a way to do this, I know it’s unrealistic and highly unlikely, after all, someone else surely would have come up with this before right? But let’s just say I would found a way that everyone could do it, no matter how clever they are; anyone who can read or listen has the ability to restart their mind, remove all the viruses, install the world’s only antivirus software for the human mind. Would having a mind like that be worth your time? Well what would you do with the time anyway? Until you rid your mind of bugs your entire life is on a continuous loop regardless! Until you put structure to your thinking you only have an accidental chance of succeeding to get what you 'want.' Face it... Right now if you are not a success then you are stuck and no new software will make it work. You would like to ‘believe’ that the answer lies just around the corner as you feel it is very close, and you are right it is, it’s always been with you, but you have forgotten how to use it to get what you want. You can still use it by accident as you still have it, and that is the reason you are reading this is. you asked for the solution and you are now holding it. You now have to choose to ignore or to read on, and the problem of course is choice. So what are you going to do? Are you going to go back to drifting through a life of quiet desperation and mediocrity or are you ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

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